BAKU: Adoption of UN GA Res. should become serious msg for Armenia

Today, Azerbaijan
March 15 2008

Araz Azimov: "Adoption of the resolution by UN General Assembly
should become a serious message for Armenia and a serious warning for
the co-chairs"

15 March 2008 [15:37] – Today.Az

"We have already been informed that the resolution, reflecting basic
principles of the conflict settlement and presented by Azerbaijan,
was adopted at a session of the UN General Assembly in New York".

The due announcement was made by Araz Azimov, deputy Foreign Minister
of Azerbaijan.

He said 39 countries attending the session voted for Azerbaijan, 7
against and 100 abstained from voting.

"Our opinion on the issue is positive. We consider that a document of
utmost importance has been adopted".

He said during adoption of the resolution, its discussion and
throughout the whole campaign Azerbaijan faced sharp resistance.

"It came not only from Armenia. Armenia was supported by the
co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group including the United States, Russia
and France and they worked hard to make positions of other countries
closer to theirs. Position of these three countries seemed so
miserable when they were supported only by a small island state
Vanuatu, which perhaps does not know the location of Armenia and
Azerbaijan. Among the states, which voted against the resolution,
there was such a large state as India. But we do hope that next time
India will change its position basing on principles of international
law", he said.

He called on the Azerbaijani people not to be frustrated by results
of voting.

"I will cite an example. Each year Cuba presents its resolution
against the United States under which the United States keep this
country in economic isolation, to the UN. Several years ago the
resolution was supported by only 40 countries and over 120 countries
abstained from voting. Now Cuba managed to get support of 184

He voiced hope that next year we will not have a reason to promote
this resolution in the UN.

"Until Azerbaijani lands are under occupation, Azerbaijan will do
everything possible and no one will be able to make us give up this
way. Yesterday’s voting proved that".
According to him Azerbaijan has always made everything possible for
continuation of discussions and will do it in the future as well.

"The resolution also supported the activity of the Minsk Group. This
indicates the fact that Azerbaijan, which is the only author of this
resolution, by introducing the paragraph on support to Minsk group’s
efforts, has demonstrated its position on the issue", Araz Azimov

He said the world community has stated its position on the issue and
Armenia should realize that there are definite principles and norms.
"This resolution was timely", said Azimov.

He said the recent deterioration of the state on the front line
proved that the Armenian leadership made use of the old famous
example-violation of ceasefire-after the political situation in the
country complicated.

"Adoption of the resolution by UN General Assembly should become a
serious message for Armenia and a serious warning for the co-chairs
that we will not move in a dark direction. We want clarity which is
possible only within the territorial integrity", said Azimov.

He noted that the activity of the OSCE Minsk Group should continue on
basis of the UN resolution, adopted yesterday.