Thomas Hammarberg Conducts Meetings In Parliament


March 14, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 14, ARMENPRESS: Armenian National Assembly Speaker
Tigran Torosian received today the Council of Europe Human Rights
Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg.

NA press service told Armenpress that at the meeting present was
special representative of the Council of Europe secretary general
Bojana Urumova.

During the meeting Torosian underscored the visit of the commissioner
to Armenia for getting acquainted with situation as different agencies
present the situation in a different way. The NA speaker noted that
in the created situation the authorities have undertaken the steps
in accordance with the Armenia’s Constitution and European Convention
on Human rights.

It was also noted that the limitations of state of emergency have
been smoothened. He said the limitations were only directed towards
stabilization of the situation.

Referring to different foreign statements, the speaker described
them as not relevant especially when it is being stated that all
the arrested must be released and a dialogue must be established
with the opposition, particularly with Levon Ter-Petrosian and his
associates. He said that first of all it is necessary to arrest those
who have committed crimes.

The Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner agreed with the
speaker that the international establishments must be careful not to
make the situation more tensed.

According to him, in Armenia the public is polarized and people are
very sensitive to the political events. Th. Hammarberg underscored
the lifting of the restrictions in the work of the media and creation
of atmosphere of full trust.

During the meeting the sides also discussed the conduction
of comprehensive investigation which is an adopted way in the
international practice aimed at finding out those who are really
guilty in the developments which took life of 8 people.

Th. Hammarberg also said that it is necessary to develop concrete
processes over the steps which the police must undertake during the
public unrest so that they will be within the limits of law.

The NA speaker agreed that there is a necessity to make surveys and
may be after some time when everything will be calm and the situation
will stabilize such a group will be set up.

In this respect it was also noted that from 1988 crowded rallies were
taking place in Armenia but neither of them ended in such a way.

The Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner also conducted meetings
with the NA factions.