Russian Scenario Not To Work


Hayots Ashkhar Daily
March 14, 2008

Had there been any intention to repeat Russian scenario in Armenia
(the nomination of the ex-President in the post of the Prime Minister)
we would have announced it before.

Serge Sargsyan said yesterday answering more than 80 questions of
the citizens, sent by Internet. He also added: "President Robert
Kocharyan and me are honest enough to announce about it before the
elections if we had such intention."

In response to another question S. Sargsyan said that in many issues
he agrees with the President, but this doesn’t mean that he always
shares his opinions: "I don’t know two people, two friends who think
the same way. Wherever I worked I have always had my own opinion,
in the framework of my responsibilities. And I must also mention that
Kocharyan has never imposed his opinion upon me. Though in many issues
we share the same viewpoint.

To the question, how he estimates the speculation of "October 27"
on the threshold of the elections, S. Sargsyan responded: "October 27
has many times been speculated on the threshold of the elections. The
one who did it was well conscious to whom it was addressed; he was
well conscious what pain he will cause me. But he has forgotten that
we have become accustomed to moving forward with the pain in our heart.

I have already mentioned that the strangest accusation in my address
is that I’m from Karabakh but the most painful thing for me is the
speculation of October 27."