MPs In NK Urge International Recognition


March 13 2008

Yerevan, 13 March. "Democracy", "Homeland" and
"Dashnaktsutyun-Movement-88" factions of the parliament of the Nagornyy
Karabakh republic (NKR) made a statement in connection with Kosovo
independence proclamation.

Mediamax reports that the statement expressed support for the right of
free self-determination and welcomes the stance of the international
community as to the issue of respecting the civil rights of the
majority of Kosovo population.

The document reads that "in the course of decades, the Azerbaijani
authorities consequently carried out against the indigenous Armenian
population of Nagornyy Karabakh a policy of discrimination, limitation
of civil rights, ethnic cleansings and forced deportation, the tragic
consequences of which could exclusively be prevented by means of
organized self-defence".

The MPs expressed hope that "by means of talks, it is possible to
reach a decision, which would be mutually acceptable for the sides,
and which would guarantee the international recognition of the fact
of free self-determination of Nagornyy Karabakh".

The factions of the national assembly of the NKR urged the parliaments
of countries of the world "to be more consequent as to the issue
of recognizing the states, which have formed based on the right of
self-determination of nations, and refrain from double standards".