Armenian President-Elect Pledges To Honour Election Planks


Public TV
March 13 2008

In a pre-recorded interview, Armenian Prime Minister and
president-elect Serzh Sargsyan has answered some 2,000 questions
directed to him by the Internet over three days.

The interview was aired on the Armenian Public TV at 1740 gmt on 13
March. Sargsyan said he admits that the Armenian authorities have
their part of responsibility in the 1-2 March riots in terms that they
had to work harder to prevent the riots. But we now have to work to
offset the aftermath, he added.

Without further elaboration, Sargsyan said there will be some changes
in the cabinet but the changes will not touch everybody.

Sargsyan categorically denied allegations that he is a gambler and
frequently visits casinos. He also turned down rumours that he owns
many lucrative businesses and he is fabulously rich.

Answering a question if he is planning to sack any high-ranking law
enforcement officials, he said no person guilty of the 1 March events
will avoid punishment. He also stood by the people in his close circle
when answering a question if some of those individuals discredit him.

He said he will fulfil his election pledges to grant more freedoms
to Armenia’s citizens.