Armenian Foreign Ministry Unhappy About Matthew Bryza’s Statement


March 14, 2008

YEREVAN, March 14. /ARKA/. Vartan Oskanian, Armenian foreign minister,
speaking Thursday at a news conference, said the ministry found Deputy
Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza’s statement biased.

Bryza said in his statement that he viewed the opposition-staged
rally dispersal as brutal action.

The minister wonders how Bryza could say such a thing after seeing
the situation and wounded policemen.

Earlier, Tigran Balayan, Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that the
ministry has been shocked by the Bryza’s stunning statement about
recent developments in Armenia.

He blamed the U.S. official "for making such a groundless and useful

On February 20, Armenian opposition headed by former president Levon
Ter-Petrosyan launched protests in Yerevan’s Libery Square disputing
the results of the recent presidential election and insisting that
the election was fraudulent.

The police attacked protesters Saturday night.

After that, protesters gathered in the square near France’s embassy
and city hall.

The police department says one policeman and seven civilians were
killed and 131 injured in clashes.

President Kocharyan imposed a 20-day state of emergency on March
1. Central Election Commission says Serge Sargsyan won presidency by
scoring 52.82% of votes.