Teenager Killed In Mine Explosion Near Norashen


13-03-2008 13:18:00

On March 9 near the village of Norashen a cluster bomb exploded,
and a 16-year-old boy died, said the coordinator of The Halo Trust
program Gala Danilova. The workers of the organization visited the
stage of the accident and reported all the details of the incident,
Gala Danilova said.

According to the Mine Action Center, the name of the boy is Zhamharyan
Sasun, a 16-year-old inhabitant of the village of Norashen. Three
friends – Kostanyan Hunan, 1991, Avetisyan Avet, 1990, and Zhamharyan
Sasun, 1991, were gathering posts at the abandoned vineyard near the
village of Norashen. Sasun hit the basis of the post with a hammer and
apparently struck the bomb lying in the ground, there was a powerful
explosion, the boy was injured badly and died at the hospital.

This is the first incident this year. A similar incident occurred
in June 2006 in the village of Mehmana, Martakert region. Atabekyan
Mikhail, member of the municipal council of the village, born in 1951,
hit the cluster bomb while cutting a tree and died before he would
be taken to hospital.

In 2007 casualties caused by mine explosions were 5, including two

As of the beginning of 2008, the total number of casualties caused
by unexploded ammunition is 298.