Reform System Of Migration System And Passports With Biometric Data


Noyan Tapan
March 13, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 13, NOYAN TAPAN. The concept paper of the reforms of
the migration system and passports with biometric data was discussed
during the working consultation of President Robert Kocharian held
on March 12. The consultation was attended by Hovik Abrahamian, the
Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finances and
Economics, as well as Justice, the Heads of the Police and National
Security Services, and representatives of other interested departments.

Robert Kocharian said that the process starting in the migration
system is one of the regular steps of reforms of the state system
and is directed at the formation of a united migration service.

Gevorg Mherian, the assistant of the RA President, introduced
the suggestions of the task group concerning the investment of a
system of electronic passports containing biometric determinants
and identification cards in the Republic of Armenia. In his words,
passports with biometric determinants are envisaged to be used for
entering foreign countries and identification cards will be used inside
the country. The study of the international experience shows that the
investment of such a system will give an opportunity to strengthen
the degree of conformity between a person bearing concrete biometric
data and the document data concerning him, to diminish the opportunity
for forging documents, will allow to make clearer and automatic the
identification process of a person, as well as can contribute to
the process of receiving visa of European Union member states by the
clarified or facilitated procedure of the RA citizen.

For the purpose of conducting a united migration state policy the
creation of a separate subdivision envolved in migration problems
was attached importance to. The above-mentioned subdivision will
implement its activities by the principle of the special civil service.

According to the information provided to Noyan Tapan by the RA
President’s Press Office, attaching importance to the start of
the work, Robert Kocharian said that a schedule of concrete tasks
following the concept paper has been developed and assigned to
interested departments to operate within that framework.