RA President Elect Ready To Meet With The President Of Azerbaijan


13.03.2008 16:40

RA President-elect, Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan will head the
Armenian delegation at the NATO summit to be held in Bucharest on 3-4
April, RA Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian told a press conference
today. He noted that Serge Sargsyan is ready to meet with Azerbaijani
President Ilham Aliyev on the sidelines of the summit.

Vartan Oskanian said the mediators are interested in the rapid restart
of the Karabakh talks and organization of the meeting between RA
President elect and the President of Azerbaijan. The Foreign Minister
stated he will discuss those issues during his meeting with the OSCE
Minsk Group Co-Chairs in Vienna tomorrow.

"We think that the NATO summit in Bucharest is the first convenient
opportunity for the meeting. If the mediators make the suggestion and
the Azerbaijani side agrees, the Armenian president-elect is ready
for the meeting," Vartan Oskanian said.

The Foreign Minister underlined that Serge Sargsyan is ready to
continue the negotiations based on the document on the bargaining

Vartan Oskanian informed also that the voting on the draft resolution
on Nagorno Karabakh presented by Azerbaijan is expected at the sitting
of the UN General Assembly on March 14. According to the Minister, he
intends to discuss the question with the mediators, since the Armenian
side considers that adoption of such a resolution when the talks have
not exhausted themselves is counterproductive. "In any case, even
in case it is adopted, the resolution will have no legal importance,
and Azerbaijan’s policy on this issue is like self-delusion," Vartan
Oskanian concluded.