BAKU: Pro-Armenian Congressmen Lead Campaign To Reduce Military Assi


Azeri Press Agency
March 13 2008

Washington. Husniyya Hasanova -APA. Co-Chairs of US Congressional
Caucus on Armenian issues Frank Pallone and Joe Knollenberg have
started bag subscriptions demanding to reduce US military assistance
to Azerbaijan.

According to APA, they intend to address House of Representatives
foreign relations committee demanding fair approach of military
assistance to Armenia within 2009 budget. Pro-Armenian congressmen
demanded to reduce military aid to Azerbaijan, to allocate 5 million
USD of military and 70 million USD of economic assistances to Armenia,
as well as 10 million dollars for so-called "Nagorno Karabakh Republic"
operating in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and to establish
diplomatic relations with this non-recognized separatist regime. The
White House is planning to cut 59 per cent of financial assistance
to Armenia in 2009 and decided to provide equal amounts of military
assistance to both Azerbaijan and Armenia. This week US Azerbaijanis
Network (USAN) has addressed all US executive and legislative
bodies, stressing that more than 2 billion dollars allocated for the
democratization process in Armenia during its independence have not
contributed to any progress in this country. USAN stated that despite
US efforts, Kocharian regime was keeping its authoritarian essence and
cracking down on civilians, killing 8 people and arresting hundreds
of citizens, who protested the falsified election results.

Spokesman of Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry Khazar Ibrahim told APA,
US congressmen, collecting signatures against military assistance to
Azerbaijan, had been acting within interests of Armenian voters and
Armenian groups. "Unfortunately, these congressmen’s stance on regional
issues serves not for the national interests of the United States,
but their tight political ambitions. It shows that Azerbaijan carries
on a right policy and develops its strategic partnership with the USA".