BAKU: Armenian Media Leaders Acknowledge Censorship And Information


Azeri Press Agency
March 13 2008

Iravan -APA. "As a state of emergency was declared, national security
officials came to the newspapers offices and warned that newspapers
spreading non-public postured news would be closed immediately.

They have read all materials and stopped their publications", said a
joint statement of Armenian editor-in-chiefs and media organizations,
APA reports quoting "Arminfo". Journalists blamed officials in
spreading of unilateral untrue information in local TV channels and
said consequently newspapers had stopped publications. It means that
Armenian authority banned undesirable newspapers for itself. "They
have blockaded some Internet sites committing full information
terror. CNN and Euronews broadcasting are stopped and replaced by
advertising rolls, when they report Armenian news. Radio Liberty
was completely banned in the country. All that increase tensions in
the society and deepen hatred and enmity atmosphere. Official media
analysts are kindling the distrust to the government arising from
the unhealthy mood they have aggressively spread. Journalists have
lost their constitutional rights, freedoms of speech and press, mass
media faced with huge material losses, Armenia is in the information
blockade and suffers from the censorship".

The statement was made by the editor-in-chiefs of "Yamanak Yerevan",
"Lragir", "Aykakan Yamanak", "Aravot", "Ayk", "168 chasov", "Sled", and
"Chetvyortaya vlast" newspapers, as well as "Internews" organization,
Iravan Press Club and other media organizations.