90 People Are Imprisoned, 6 Arrested At Present


Noyan Tapan
March 12, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 12, NOYAN TAPAN. As of March 12, 90 people have been
imprisoned on the fact of mass disorders, a preventive punishment
not connected with arrest has been chosen to another 4 defendants,
6 people, who are suspected, have been arrested. Vahagn Haroutiunian,
the senior investigator of especially important affairs of the Special
Investigation Service, said at the March 12 press conference.

According the preliminary examination, it was found out that the
actions of mass disorders had been organized in advance by first RA
President Levon Ter-Petrosian and his supporters within the framework
of a united program.

The examination motivated that a task to destabilize the situation
was set before the participants of the disorders, some people were
recruited for that purpose for a certain sum, besides fire-arms,
specially adjusted instruments, metal and wooden poles, clubs, iron
hedgehogs were used.

A separate group functions in the group of prosecutors created for
exercising control over examination’s legality by the order of the
RA Prosecutor General. The separate group carries out analyses. As
Hakob Karakhanian, the Prosecutor of the Armavir region, said, "before
our eyes the political mania turned into a crime." According to him,
concrete people by a concrete order were intended for carrying out
actions planned in advance against the police forces: they threw stones
at the policemen, then when the latters were defending themselves with
shields, they shot in the direction of their feet, it is not accidental
that the majority of 180 policemen had feet fire-arms injuries.

According to H. Karakhanian, the method of neurolinguistic programming
was used to the participants of mass disorders, use of certain codified
words with the respective accentuations, such as homeland, family,
we have won, they are Turks, and others, there is also evidence on the
case on use of psychotropic medicines. According to the law enforcement
bodies, today shots of alleged firing at the people are spread, which
are montaged: shots in different times, in different situations have
been united into one video material. The RA Prosecutor General has
applied to the UN representation with the request to conduct expertise
of these shots with the help of international experts.