S. Sargsyan: The "color revolution" was destined to fail in Armenia

Serge Sargsyan: The "color revolution" was destined to fail in Armenia

07.03.2008 17:30

RA President elect Serge Sargsyan declared in an interview with
`Rossiyskaya Gazeta’ that `as President he is going do the utmost for
Armenia to become a strong democratic state with free economy, where
human rights and main freedoms are protected.’

The Prime Minister noted that `the attempt to organize a `color
revolution’ in Armenia was destined to fail from the very beginning.’

`Unlike other states where the `color revolutions’ succeeded, there are
factors in Armenia, which the organizers of these disorders did not
take into account. First, the Armenian authorities enjoy a firm trust
of the public. The results of the presidential elections proved this.
Second, the majority of the Armenian public prefers the evolutionary
way and, unlike some radical oppositionists, does not agree to the
revenge of the old elite,’ Serge Sargsyan declared.

Turning to the Karabakh issue, the Prime Minister said the conflict
must be solved on the basis of `reasonable’ mutual concessions.

`My position on the Karabakh conflict resolution has been clear for 15
years. I presented my views on the resolution of the issue during the
election campaign, as well. The votes I received prove that the society
approves my approaches on conflict resolution. I think that Azerbaijan
must recognize the right of the people of Karabakh to
self-determination, and Armenia must recognize Azerbaijan’s right for
territorial integrity. At first sight, these are inconsistent, but only
at first sight. And right on that basis we can find a reasonable mutual
concession,’ the President elect said.

`We do not consider Kosovo to be a precedent for the resolution of the
Karabakh conflict, since we are confident that any conflict has its
roots, its dynamics of development and the way of settlement. However,
any time a nation realizes its right to self-determination, we welcome
it,’ Serge Sargsyan declared.

RA President elect declared that `we aspire for Turkey’s repentance,
which will promote the ambitions of the Turkish society to become a
full member of the European family.’

`We have always said and continue declaring that Armenia is ready to
establish diplomatic relations with Turkey tomorrow without any
preconditions. It’s Turkey that suggests rather strange demands to
Armenia for establishment of diplomatic relations. We can say that
today the ball is in Ankara’s field,’ Serge Sargsyan said.

Asked why the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a question of
principle for Yerevan, the President elect said: `The issue of
recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a priority of Armenia’s foreign
policy, first of all because if the fact of the Armenian Genocide in
the Ottoman Empire in 1915 is recognized, the international community
will be secure from reoccurrence of such a genocide not only against
Armenians, but also any other nation of the world.’

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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