Kocharian Receives Matthew Bryza


YEREVAN, MARCH 7, NOYAN TAPAN. The main subject of the March 7 meeting
of Robert Kocharian, the President of the Republic of Armenia, and
Matthew Bryza, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the UNited
States of America and the co- Chairman of the OSCE MInsk Group, was the
situation created in Armenia in the post-election period and the
possibilities for finding a way out as soon as possible.

Stressing the responsibility of the auhtorities in the preservation of
stability, security and public order, Robert Kocharian said that all
the taken measures are dictated by the created situation. According to
him, their main object is to stabilize the situation, neutralize the
dangers and return the processes to their normal course.

In the words of Matthew Bryza, the United States is attentively
following the development of the events in Armenia. Understanding the
steps of the government directed at the establishment of rules in the
country, the American diplomat mentioned at the same time that they are
preoccupied with the current tension. He attached importance to the
manifestation of responsibility by everybody and the possible quickest
relaxation of the tension.

According to the information provided to Noyan Tapan by the RA
President’s Press Office, Matthew Bryza and Robert Kocharian also
discussed issues connected with certain restrictions functioning in
this situation.

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