RA Police: Weapons were to be distributed to the strikers

RA Police: Weapons were to be distributed to the strikers

01.03.2008 13:54

The Police of the Republic of Armenia issued a statement today,
which reads in part:

"Following the presidential elections of February 19 Levon
Ter-Petrosyan and his team started a sitting strike at the Opera
Square and initiated everyday illegal demonstrations and rallies with
the objective to destabilize the situation in the capital.

Provocative statements and calls were voiced during the demonstrations.
Despite the numerous warnings of the Police that these actions
were illegal, they continued severely breaking the public order and
endangered the security of the society.

According to live data on February 29, a great quantity of weapons,
grenades, explosives, metallic sticks and bludgeons was to be
distributed to the strikers. There was information that provocative
actions were to be undertaken in the capital on March 1st, mass
disorders were to be incited. The National Security Service received
similar operative data.

To confiscate these weapons and stabilize the situation the Police
called on strikers to allow carrying out corresponding search. This
call was unexpectedly followed by an attack against policemen. The
strikers started throwing stones, pieces of wood, metallic sticks
and bottles with flammable materials. The aggressiveness of the
lawbreakers was increasing.

Deriving from the unpredictability of the situation and the nature of
the violations of law, the decision was made to undertake corresponding
measures within the limits of law. The strikers started showing
resistance with thrust and sharp weapons, metallic sticks.

Several policemen were wounded as a result of the clash. They were

Part of the organizers and participants of the disorder were taken
to Police departments. Several were arrested. Some of the organizers
escaped. The Police are searching for the participants and inciters
of the disorders.

Investigation is underway to reveal the identity of the arrested.

The Police of the Republic of Armenia assure that the situation in
the capital is under control. The Police are doing everything to find
the organizers and call them to responsibility, and to abolish the
results of the disorders as soon as possible."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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