"Delay Of Current Situation Weakens Country," Vahan Hovhannisian Dec


Noyan Tapan
Feb 29 2008

YEREVAN,FEBRUARY 29, NOYAN TAPAN. "Confrontation, separation and
intolerance are not ways for settling the problems. On the contrary,
the delay of the current situation deepens the inconfidence, and
disjoins our citizens: as a result, the country is getting weaker,"
is said in the February 28 statement of Vahan Hovhannisian, a member
of the ARF Bureau.

Welcoming all the sincere calls for tolerance and cooperation, he
mentions: "We are just obliged to exclude the possible clashes. We are
just obliged to discharge the atmosphere, we are obliged to find a way
out. Otherwise, with our weak national system and being so separate we
will not be able to solve not only the problems existing in our country
but we also will not be capable to resist the outside challenges. Let
us not forget that we are the same, the same kind of Armenians."

The not desible developments, according to Vahan Hovhannisian, can
be prevented only through negotiations. According to him, there are
three primary questions:

First: formation of such a new electoral system with co-thinking, which
will exclude the possibility of all kinds of electoral violations,
will sharply increase the self-confidence of people for the formation
of authorities by their own will. One of the ways is, for example,
the provision of a complete independence.

Second: to create a real plurality in the country and conditions for
freedom of speech. The first step, for example, can be the formation
of the leadership of the National Commission of TV and Radio and the
Public TV with the co-thinking of political forces.

Third: to create such conditions that guarantees for a full operation
of the opposition in the political system are provided. In this
respect, one of the numerous steps may be the making of cooresponding
amendments to the regulations of the National Assembly.

Vahan Hovhannisian mentions that he and the ARF Dashnaktsutiun have
concrete and thorough suggestions in these three directions, which
they are ready to introduce during the negotiations.

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