They Will Sue The Government


28 February, 2008

Today the representatives of the North and Main avenues, Dalma and
Nork gardens organized a protest action in front of the Government
building. They demanded the Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan to receive
them. Representatives of Yerevan Municipality came to listen to their
complaints but the demonstrators did not welcome them.

"In the Republican Square the Prime Minister said they would do this
and that. We have come to make sure whether he will keep his promises
or not. We do not want to meet the Mayor, since he is the perpetrator
of this chaos. We want the Prime Minister to carry out his promises",
complained the Chairman of the "Protection of Property Rights" NGO
Vachagan Hakobyan.

"The Prime Minister promised a dignified life. I demand a house in
any community in Yerevan", said Roman Zarafyan, who had been living in
the center more than 40 years. The resident of 1/5 Abovyan street Edik
Mesropyan has come to demand a new apartment from the Prime Minister.

The former resident of 4 /18 Amiryan Street Gagik anticipated
that Serge Sargsyan would receive him, but the Prime Minister did
not. Gagik is disappointed in the authorities that he has decided to
leave the country

Vachagan Hakobyan informed that they were preparing a letter to sue
the Government, since they did not do anything at all. "If they do
not solve our problem within two days, we will join the opposition
and fight against the authorities", said Vachagan Hakobyan.

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