Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Must Make A Responsible Decision

Igor Muradyan

17:51:06 – 27/02/2008

Even the most indifferent and socially disoriented people must
instinctively react to warnings and imminent threat. Over the past
few years we became convinced with pain that the former society of
Karabakh does not exist any more. They got dissolved in the cloak
of petty bourgeois preferences and inclinations. "Bakeries" and
"watermelon plantations", minor posts with tiny salaries became
priorities. The adepts of the cloak are trying their best to prevent
the formation of a new society, new consciousness and genuine social
priorities. Is the new society ready for making a political decision
in the political sphere? Despite a number of interesting persons and
ideas, there is only uncertainly over this.

As the people of Karabakh had been warned in the past two or three
years period of indifference and anticipation of mercy, the Armenians
of Karabakh are exposed to a real threat coming from Yerevan to
lose what has been achieved. Not only time has been wasted but also
real possibilities to get ready for the turn of events and emergence
of this situation in Armenia. In the course of the tough political
struggle of the two clans with common goals and priorities the topic
of Karabakh was not touched upon, and the few remarks were only for
external addressees.

Why? Because the topic of Karabakh cannot become a topic of discussion,
since the views and intentions of both clans are in fact absolutely
identical. There is no doubt about it because the Armenian patriots
have made every effort to clarify the circumstances in international
politics which did not become the property of the government of
Armenia and their opponents in all the camps of the opposition.

We still argue that the main factor of the capitulation policy
is the furious urge of the Yerevan political class to rid of this
burden at any price, such they consider our homeland, the province
of Karabakh. There is no reason to doubt that the political class in
Yerevan carries a certain "national idea" not of resolution but of
mortification of the Karabakh issue. If anyone still can remember
that the first speaker of the NKR Supreme Soviet Arthur Mkrtichyan
in Stepanakert in 1992 did not get petrol, which was the will of a
definite person in Karabakh and a definite person in Yerevan. And
both men are now speaking as if all the others have died, but not
everyone has died.

The interests and goals of the external parties in the West and in the
East are to prevent the establishment of an illegitimate government in
the Republic of Armenia, incapable of an adequate reaction to external
challenges and making worthy decisions. The external forces are leading
a game in which they win in any case because both the competing clans
are not capable of establishing a legitimate government and are doomed
to a passive stance on foreign policies. Is it necessary to undergo
capitulation and deportation to become convinced of that?

If the present government had to prepare for capitulation by appointing
the present parliament and president in NKR, creating a reliable basis
for successful and fluent implementation of the so-called process
of settlement, the competitive clan will not hang out with the NKR
government and people of Karabakh for a long time. In addition,
nobody in the present government of Karabakh and their spongers will
account for the imminent catastrophe.

Certainly, the Karabakh issue is not a priority for the world,
quite different problems are set relating to the external political
re-orientation of Armenia, but the topic of Karabakh will be included
in the agenda, if unjustifiably too much effort is made.

In Armenia an "orange" revolution is underway, which will be a waste
of historical time for us and possibly a catastrophe. However, the
like is cured by the like. The "orange" revolution can be neutralized
by a "national" revolution, a national-conservative revolution. This
revolution must take place in the province of Karabakh. Every nation
has the right for a revolution. Revolutions take place in the most
economically developed countries with an ancient and developed
democracy. The United States, for instance, is undergoing a genuine
revolution, which takes place in this country once in every 20
years. Revolutions of a sensible nation which remembers about duty and
dignity fit in the framework of the national discussion and dialogue,
while sap nations prefer a banal fight which leads to just another
period of enrichment of one of the groups.

In the given case when no events have taken place which require
radical decisions, it is necessary to hold early parliamentary and
presidential elections in NKR, free, in complete isolation from the
criminal elements which did not permit that degree of freedom in the
previous elections. It is time to recover from the state of anabiosis
and take actions in this direction. The events in Yerevan became a
convincing signal for Azerbaijan that Armenia is ready to capitulate,
it was impossible to allow to happen, but it is clear that in Baku
they drew this conclusion. Even if the opponent is much weaker, your
weakness should not be displayed, since besides systemic decisions
there are also brutal decisions. Certainly, it is possible that this
time they will have to get someone drown in the Kura or farther in
the Caspian Sea, despite sex and age, but at what price?

Isn’t it better to prevent the prospect of a regional war in time
through political decisions, understanding that the shortest way to
war is intentional concessions in the most abject way. Only bustards
may agree to concessions, in addition, unseen territorial concessions
in this favorable international situation for us.

It is necessary to be mindful that in Armenia there are 862,369 people
ready to accept any decision of the government, 351,222 people ready
to return Karabakh and send the events of 1915 into oblivion (they
say there are twice as much of such people), 272,427 people ready
for both the first and the second, as well as 100,966 people ready
to protect Karabakh but who have to vote for hypocrites. The past
presidential election in Armenia did not demonstrate anything new. Such
an arrangement of forces and preferences has existed always. As always,
10 percent of active people exist firmly, who can make all the others
not to betray openly. If the nation has an avant-garde, even cowards
become heroes. It has been the case for a number of times. But a very
interesting factor is necessary – a new Karabakh revolution.

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