BAKU: Putin thanks Aliyev for conditions created for Russian Cos.

Today, Azerbaijan
Feb. 22, 2008

Vladimir Putin thanks Ilham Aliyev for conditions created for Russian
companies in Azerbaijan

22 February 2008 [13:07] – Today.Az

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked President of Azerbaijan
Ilham Aliyev for conditions, created for operation of Russian
companies in the country. "Russian investors make large investments
in Azerbaijan’s economy", the Russian leader said at the meeting with
his Azerbaijani counterpart. "I am grateful for the conditions
Azerbaijani government creates for the operation of our companies",
Putin said.

He noted that "there are no significant problems in our relations".
"There is a great progress in economy", he noted. "Last year the rise
in the commodity turnover was not so impressive as in 2006, however
the dynamics was good", he considers. Putin stressed the active
progress in cooperation in energy and in investment activity and
suggested to discuss definite topics separately.

I.Aliyev noted that Baku is pleased with the appearance of Russia
investors in the country, according to ITAR-TASS. "We welcome the
rise of investments of Russian companies to Azerbaijan", he said and
added that some of them participate in the projects on construction
of infrastructure establishments. "We are satisfied with the level of
business-structures relations", I.Aliyev said. "They follow the
leaders, which is correct, and seeing active interaction between the
political leaders, feel comfortable and confident", President of
Azerbaijan said.

He noted that Russian companies have the same conditions, as local
businessmen and Azerbaijani businessmen feel the same in Russia.

"I agree that we do not have any problems", I.Aliyev said addressing
to V.Putin. "There is a progress in all directions-in the political
and economic spheres and in humanitarian cooperation", he considers.
I.Aliyev suggested to discuss problems of rgional cooperation along
with vilateral issues and also the processes ongoing in the world,
which need to be discussed".

Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan also confirmed during the talks
that Kosovo’s resolution to declare its independence is illegal.

The due announcement was made by assistant of Russian President
Sergey Prikhodko following talks of the presidents of the two
countries. "Both presidents stressed critical negative consequences
of the illegal resolution of the Kosovo conflict and actions of some
countries for the international law", Prikhodko said.

He also announced that the leaders also touched upon the Karabakh
conflict, ITAR-TASS reports.