"Authorities use the whole palette of violations and falsification"

"Authorities use the whole palette of violations and falsification" Ter-Petrosian’s Spokesman stated

February 19, 2008

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Spokesman of the staff of presidential candidate
Levon Ter-Petrosian Arman Musinian stated in Yerevan today that the
"authorities use the whole palette of violations and falsification
to secure the victory of Serzh Sarkisian".

Mediamax reports that, speaking at a news conference in Yerevan today,
Arman Musinian stated that the pre-election staff of the former
President of Armenia received many messages from polling stations
about cases of pressure on the proxies of Ter-Petrosian right up to
physical violence, used against the latter".

"Os special concern is the situation in Abovian and Artashat towns,
as well as in the Erebuni community of Yerevan, where the voting
proceeds from dictation of the authority representatives", Arman
Musinian stated.

According to him, in various regions there are cases of bribery of
electors registered, agitation in favor of Serzh Sarkisian, threatening
and kidnapping of proxies, open voting, ballot box stuffing, organized
delivery of electors to the polling stations, use of forged passports.

"All the violations are fixed and will be presented to the observers
and to the Central Electoral Commission", Musinian stated. According
to him, "already now one can establish that in certain region there
are no elections, there is an effort of power seizure".

"We are sure that even these falsifications will not help the
candidate from the authorities to gain victory, and the people,
who decided to take up violations, will undergo strict punishment",
Arman Musinian stated.

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