Hans Kochler: Regional Coop must for Preservation of Nat’l Autocracy


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 7, NOYAN TAPAN. The regional cooperation can be a
factor for providing balance of forces during the formation of a global
security system. This conviction was expressed by Hans Kochler
(Austria), the President of the International Progress Organization and
a Professor of the Innsbruck University, at the press conference
titiled "The countries of the Caucasus and Near East as possible
partners in the process of the formation of a regional security system"
organized on February 7.

According to him, despite the UN efforts, the abolition of the two-pole
world order caused the weakening of the collective security system and
endangered the regional stability. The regions are subject to
contradictary external influences, which restrict the freedom of the
actions of the sides during the regulation of the existing conflicts.
Under such conditions Hans Kochler attached importance to the creation
of such systems of regional cooperation as the European Union, the
partnership of the countries of the South-East Asia, the cooperation
council of the countries of the Persian Gulf, and the recently created
African Union. According to him, the existence of one power pole is a
temporary phenomenon and the regional cooperation can be a considerable
contribution to the creation of a multi-pole world order. "The creation
of the security system between the Caucasus and the Near East was the
very case," Hans Kochler mentioned.

The interregional cooperation will contribute to the relaxation of the
strain inside each region and to the regulation of the existing
conflicts. For the purpose of providing a long-term cooperation, the
countries of the region should renounce or restrict their membership in
such military alliances, the invloved forces in which are outside the
region. He mentioned that NATO, which was a regional organization at
the moment of its creation, was submitted to considerable changes after
the end of the cold war and the unilateral expansion of that
organization can be dangerous for the other countries of the region.
According to Hans Kochler, the creation of inter and intraregional
security systems can save states and countries from becoming the victim
of the "distribute and rule" policy. "The preservation of the national
autocracy is impossible in case of being isolated from regional
developments," the speaker expressed conviction.

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