41 cases of death reported


20:15 08/02/2008


According to information released by RA chief
prosecutor’s office, the state of criminality at the
Armenian justice ministry prisons is stable and
controllable. No serious crimes were committed, chief
prosecutor’s office assures.

In the course of 2007, 45 crimes were reported
(against 47 last year) committed by 54 people (49 in
2006) in the Armenian prisons. Forty three of 54
criminals were convicts and 3 were prisons employees
whereas the remaining 8 were citizens. The majority of
cases related to illegal circulation of drugs. Twelve
cases relate to sale and purchase of drugs and most
were disclosed by the prisons. No cases of murder or
imposed suicide were reported.

In the words of Armenian military prosecutor Armen
Khachaturyan, less criminal cases were reported in the
Armenian military forces and forces of interior
affairs last year, 750, against 881 in 2006.

During last year 10 of the death cases were murder, 3
was committed by the co-soldiers, 2 happened by
careless use of weaponry. Six cases of suicide and 5
cases of imposed suicide was reported.

Source: Panorama.am

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