The Biggest Fund Is Serge Sargsyans’s


Feb 5 2008

Among the presidential candidates the biggest fund is Serge Sargsyan’s,
stated the chair of the Central Election Commission Garegin Azaryan,
News Armenia reports.

"The biggest election fund is Serge Sargsyan’s – 69 million 550
thousand drams. The second is Vahan Hovanisyan’s 45 million 500
thousand drams. The next is Arthur Baghdasaryan’s (21 million 960
thousand drams), Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s (16 million 286 thousand 500
drams), Artashes Geghamyan’s (14.6 million drams), Vazgen Manukyan’s
(2.4 million drams), Tigran Karapetyan’s (600 thousand drams),
Aram Harutiunyan’s (190 thousand drams)," he said, adding that the
presidential candidate Arman Melikyan does not have a fund.

Azaryan says Vahan Hovanisyan has spent 44 million 144 thousand
drams, Serge Sargsyan has spent 26 million 284 thousand 780 drams,
Arthur Baghdasaryan has spent 21 million 941 thousand 800 drams,
Artashes Geghamyan has spent 14 million 364 thousand drams, Levon
Ter-Petrosyan has spent 14 million 5 thousand drams, Vazgen Manukyan
has spent 1 million 398 thousand drams, Tigran Karapetyan has spent 580
thousand drams. Aram Harutiunyan has spent his entire election fund.

The chair of the CEC informed that on the tenth day of the election
campaign the candidates must submit a statement on expenditure.

"Unfortunately, the picture is sad. Two candidates, Arthur Baghdasaryan
and Tigran Karapetyan submitted the statement two days earlier, on
January 30, Levon Ter-Petrosyan submitted a day late, Aram Harutiunyan
has submitted today. Vazgen Manukyan and Arman Melikyan have submitted
no reports," Garegin Azaryan said.

He said only Artashes Geghamyan, Vahan Hovanisyan and Serge Sargsyan
have submitted the statement to the CEC on time, on January 31.

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