Moscow Seduced By French Femme Fatale


Russia Today
Feb 1 2008

Seductive French singer Helene Segara has appeared in Moscow for
the first time. The vocalist, of Armenian and Italian origin, rose
to fame after playing the role of a gypsy femme fatale in the hit
French musical Notre Dame de Paris.

Feminine and graceful, Segara performs songs, with lyrics she has
written, and describes love and loneliness.

This time she will address a totally new audience.

"[Russia] is another world for me, and I expect to meet Russian
people. I don’t know them, I have no idea what they are. I expect to
discover. I’ve tried to learn a little Russian. This week I’ve seen a
Russian teacher, it’s very difficult language, but I’ll do my best,"
Segara promised.

She often performs in a duet, among her partners was Italian opera
star Andrea Bocelli. In Moscow she sang with Veronique Ambrose.

In her childhood Segara often used to dance barefoot, so her mother
called her Esmeralda, after the gypsy character in Notre Dame de Paris.

It was an omen. Years later, she took on the role of Esmeralda on
stage, one she wants to keep forever.

Some years ago, Segara nearly lost her voice and had to undergo
surgery. But the mother of three recovered and is now back on stage.

And she says – with even more energy and more feeling in her voice.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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