ANKARA: Important revelation by Babacan on Turkish-Armenian reln’s

Hürriyet, Turkey –
Jan 26 2008

Important revelation by Babacan on Turkish-Armenian relations

Ertuðrul Özkök reports from Davos, Switzerland

Foreign Minister Ali Babacan has made an important announcement to
Hürriyet writer Ertuðrul Özkök on Turkish-Armenian relations. Babacan
stated that 70 thousand Armenians had immigrated to Turkey with the
aim of seeking employment.

President Abdullah Gül had asserted during his term as foreign
minister that the number of Armenian immigrants who had sought
employment in Turkey was 40 thousand.

The following comment has been made in response to Babacan’s

`The number of Armenians coming to Turkey to seek work doubled in
time the short time that had passed, whereas at that time, global
campaigns claiming a so-called `Armenian-massacre’ were being
launched against Turkey.

The Armenian government opposed Turkey’s suggestion to `let
historians decide’. The fact that the number of Armenians immigrating
to Turkey has doubled regardless of ongoing debates is an indication
that the people of both countries are drawing closer. Despite, in
fact, the few who try to drive them further apart…