We Say Creator And Mean Field


Jan 25 2008

Several months ago the deputy leader of the Republican Party Galust
Sahakyan said at the Pastark Club if Serge Sargsyan’s economic policy
is implemented, it will rain dollars, poverty will disappear, people
will not steal from one another.

On January 25 the reporters reminded the presidential candidate
Tigran Karapetyan about this statement, and asked whether he will
also implement an economic policy which will eradicate poverty,
it will rain dollars, and people will not steal from one another.

"People need justice. If they are poor and they see that it is fair,
there is no other way out, people will not rebel. But when they see
that other people become rich, there are businessmen who earn ten
thousand dollars in an hour, both day and night. They are told about
a liberal market but they see nothing is fair, they see the wealth
accumulated at the expense of people. There must be justice. Much or
little, dollars will be as much as we create and save. When we say
creator, God, we associate it with a field. A field creates. If we
all have a field where we work and sustain our family, it will be
justified and fair, and people will be satisfied. If not, if there
are no jobs, if people cannot sustain their family, how is it going
to rain dollars?" Tigran Karapetyan says.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

“I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race, this small tribe of unimportant people, whose wars have all been fought and lost, whose structures have crumbled, literature is unread, music is unheard, and prayers are no more answered. Go ahead, destroy Armenia . See if you can do it. Send them into the desert without bread or water. Burn their homes and churches. Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again. For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.” - WS