Hostile Turkey Is NATO’s Representative In Region


25.01.2008 16:54 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ NATO is represented in the region neither by France
nor Belgium or Greece but by Turkey, a state that doesn’t conceal
its hostility toward Armenia, RA National Assembly Vice Speaker,
presidential hopeful Vahan Hovhannisian said in an interview with
Military Diplomat magazine.

"As proved by surveys, the Armenian society tends to oppose the
republic’s membership in NATO at the moment. However, I can’t assert
that such a position will be maintained. Various societies throughout
the globe have been inspired with the most unexpected ideas and
the Armenian public is not an exception," he said. "I would like
to draw attention to Russia’s position which evidently thinks that
its soviet satellite nations will always remain as such. However,
the recent developments in the post soviet space do signal that the
situation cardinally changed and Russia has to prove the expediency
of being its ally."

"I don’t think Russia comprehends this fact. Some Russian forces
suppose that "Armenia has nowhere to go" and, therefore, can be dealt
shortly. But there is an old rule: if you think that your friend is
"in your pocket" you pave the way for distrust. This rule functions
despite your growing oil income. That is why I refrain from assuring
that the Armenian society will keep opposing NATO membership," Mr
Hovhannisian said.

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