Corruption Is Invincible


Jan 25 2008

It takes political will and determination to battle corruption,
stated the presidential candidate Tigran Karapetyan, the leader of
the People’s Party, on January 25 at the Hayeli Club. For instance,
he says, the government wished and boosted the budget.

"How? Thanks to the black economy. It means there is a possibility.

Meanwhile, we know that the black economy is invincible, it has no
address, and the real owners are not seen. Hence, through reducing
corruption it is possible to rehabilitate the spheres, for every
sphere to have a human face. Otherwise first comes money, then the
aspirant, the future student, the parent. Besides, we are used to
giving bribes. Although the one who takes the bribe is also to blame,"
says Tigran Karapetyan, who will be guided by the precepts of the
Bible, love, because he thinks without love everything is false.

By the way, in two months Tigran Karapetyan will publish his new
book which he thinks will be more serious than his recent selection
of poems headlined "In the Ruins of Memory". Tigran Karapetyan says
it is serious because there will be more politics and less lyrical
lines in the new book.
From: Baghdasarian

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