Telebridge Shushi-Yerevan-Moscow-Bethlehem: Results Are Tangible


22-01-2008 15:50:57

The telebridge Shushi-Yerevan-Moscow-Bethlehem organized by Shushi
Rebirth Foundation did not become one of the discredited Armenian
telethons. At least because the aim of donations was Shushi. The
telebridge raised 5 million 800 thousand dollars.

15 years ago Shushi was liberated but everything in the town still
reminds of the military actions and pogroms. The new governor of the
region Vardan Gabrielyan confessed in an interview with the Azat
Artsakh that in the past 15 years there was more destruction than
construction in Shushi.

The governor of the region said if a military unit were stationed
in Shushi, it would foster the development of infrastructures in the
town. This year the NKR Defense Army is going to build two blocks of
60 apartments in Shushi. Vardan Gabrielyan said in 2008 the government
will allocate 450 million drams (1.5 million dollars) for construction.

The aim of this telebridge was to raise money for the reconstruction
of the water supply system in Shushi. In winter water freezes in pipes,
and in summer there is very little water.

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