Levon Ter-Petrosian: Kocharian-Sargsian Administration Will Be Throw


Noyan Tapan
Jan 22, 2008

YEREVAN, JANUARY 22, NOYAN TAPAN. "Our struggle is entering a new
stage. We have reached a turning point, where words end and acts
start," Levon Ter-Petrosian, the first RA President, a candidate
for presidency, stated at the January 22 rally in Liberty Square
of Yerevan.

According to him, everything, which was to be said about the essence of
the current Armenian administration, the destructive prospects of its
reproduction, and the necessity to avoid it, has been already said. L.

Ter-Petrosian said that during three months he tried to prove that
Robert Kocharian’s and Serge Sargsian’s power is a "thief, robber,
anti-popular power," as a result of the criminal activity of which
Armenia has appeared in a difficult political, economic, and social
situation. According to the first President, he also tried to prove
that there is a real possibility of avoiding that sad prospect and
building a normal state, which is based on the real fact that the
current administration is a hateful power alien to the people, the
moral values of which have nothing in common with national psychology,
culture, real interests of Armenia, and even Artsakh.

According to L. Ter-Petrosian, the February 19 presidential elections
give the people a possibility of not only building country’s future
with their own hands, but also of healing the deep insult the
people experienced in 1998 and in 2003, when the victories of Karen
and Stepan Demirchians were extorted from the people. "Therefore,
February 19 will be not only my victory, but also the victory of
Karen Demirchian, Stepan Demirchian, and Vazgen Sargsian, and the
Kocharian-Sargsian administration will be thrown into the history’s
dump," L. Ter-Petrosian said.

Stepan Demirchian, the leader of the People’s Party of Armenia,
Aram Sargsian, the Chairman of the Hanrapetutiun (Republic) party,
and Nikol Pashinian, the leader of the Alternative public initiative,
also spoke at the rally. The latters said that the first President’s
meetings in the Armenian regions show that L. Ter-Petrosian is not
only opposition’s, but also people’s common candidate.

A procession along Yerevan’s central streets was announced after
the rally.

The procession was led by Levon Ter-Petrosian and its motto was
"We Will Win!"

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