Appeal to presidential candidates running in election 2008

Lragir, Armenia
Jan 16 2008


The environmental coalition of Armenia and other NGOs express deep
concern about rapid and extensive use of natural resources and, in
particular, the construction of an ore processing factory in Teghut
and logging of the Teghut forest for copper-molybdenum mining.

The authors state that the exploitation of the mine in Teghut will
violate the Armenian legislation, a number of international
conventions signed by the Republic of Armenia, and pose a major
threat to the environment.

`To sum up the above listed facts, we conclude that there should be a
thorough multi-disciplinary and independent expert assessment with
engagement of all interested parties and a following public
presentation of estimations that meet international standards,’ the
statement holds.

`We suggest that the RA Government reconsider the state policy on
mining and not only suspend the exploitation of the mine of Teghut,
but also possibly reduce the volumes of extraction of ore at the
copper and molybdenum mine of Kajaran and speed up the application of
modern technology for an intensive processing of copper and
molybdenum and production of other goods, which will foster real
economic development, competitiveness, increase exports, promote use
of modern technology, shape a new management culture, boost
investments and so forth,’ runs the statements, the authors of which
say if these conditions are provided, Armenia will start exporting
final products along with raw materials,’ runs the statement of the

The Armenian NGOs urge `to take urgent measures for suspension of the
activities that have been already launched on the territory of the
copper-molybdenum mine in Teghut; undertake an independent assessment
with the purpose of obtaining an unbiased estimation of economic
gains for the country and of environmental damage; revise the
expediency of declaring the mining industry as a strategic priority
for Armenia’s economic development and hold broad expert and public
hearings around this issue.’

`We count on your understanding of the importance of the presented
problem. We urge you to spell out your standpoint regarding this
issue in your election campaign.

We also ask that you share your opinion on this issue with Silva
Adamyan, Coordinator of the Environmental Public Alliance. You can
visit the Zoological Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of
Armenia at 7 Paruyr Sevak Street, call (10) 281502 or (94) 874070 or
email to [email protected]),’ runs the statement which
has been signed by 40 NGOs.

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