Charity after elections


[06:38 pm] 15 January, 2008

The official campaign of the presidential elections
will be launched on 21 January. `A1+’ tried to find
out what preparatory works some presidential
candidates were carrying out.

Susanna Abrahamyam, press speaker of the `Orinats
Yerkir’ party, mentioned that a box of suggestions was
installed in Arthur Baghdasaryan’s pre-election
headquarter, where the citizens threw their proposals
and received comprehensive responds. Heghine
Beshiryan, head of the party’s headquarter, visits
their headquarters in the regions to see what problems
they have and gives solutions to them. Susanna
Abrahamyan said that they would have headquarters in
all regions of the Republic. They work on the
pre-election schedule and Arthur Baghdasaryan’s
pre-election program will be ready soon.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s team is actively getting ready
to the elections; they were the first to present the
pre-elections program. Arman Mushinyan,
Ter-Petrosyan’s press speaker, ensures that they are
getting ready to the campaign. `We are working out the
schedule, preparing the campaign materials’, said
Arman Musinyan.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan will visit regions and hold two
gatherings in Yerevan during the campaign. Arman
Musinyan noted that in case of necessity they would
hold gatherings in January. Besides, the First
President will make speeches on TV.

Aram Harutyunyan, chairman of the `National
Conciliation’ party informed that they were discussing
their program. His pre-election foundation will be
opened today. The candidate is going to visit all
regions during the campaign, meet the citizens. Aram
Harutyunyan mentioned that he would not mind having
headquarters, but financial problems do not allow them
having one headquarter in each region. Coming out of
previous experience, Aram Harutyunyan prefers making
speeches on the regional TV stations.

Today the political Board of Tigran Karapetyan’s
`Peope’s Party’ convened a session to decide the names
of proxies. They also worked on the pre-election

Tigran Karapetyan informed `A1+’ that they would open
300 headquarters in the RA. The head of the `ALM’
holding will also speak on TV. Pre-election program
with `If you accept bribe, you are a hostage’ and `It
is impossible to go on living this way’ slogans are
being published. Tigran Karapetyan is not going to
distribute presents to the citizens during the
campaign. `We will do charity works after elections’,
ensured Tigran Karapetyan.

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