Armenia’s presidential race enters new stage

ARKA News Agency, Armenia
Jan 11 2008

Armenia’s presidential race enters new stage

YEREVAN, January 11. /ARKA/. The presidential race in Armenia has
entered a new stage, stated Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of
Armenia (RPA) Galust Sahakyan.

`The New Year celebrations somewhat appeased the political forces’
passions, but this year has seen a new stage, when the presidential
nominees will present their ideas in their election programs, start
communicating with the people and present their views to the public
in vivid colors,’ he said.

Commenting on the RPA’s activities, Sahakyan pointed out that the
party will remain committed to its traditional position. `We will
pass our way without swearing at anybody. We will struggle for future
which is to be our common future,’ he said.

The presidential election is to be held in Armenia on February 19,
2008. Nine candidates applied to the RA Central Electoral Commission
(CEC) for registration scheduled for December 31-January 20, 2008.