NKR: Official Notification Of NKR National Statistical Service


Azat Artsakh Tert
Jan 9 2008
Nagorno Karabakh Republic

By condition of December 31st,2007 by operative data, in the republic
the soil ploughed for autumn sowing has compiled 34686.2 h, 31695.9 h
(91.4 per cent) grain of which has been sowed, which in regard towards
2006 has correspondingly compiled 73.7 and 67.3 per cent.

According to works of the regions, description is the following: 8929.2
h ploughing and 7921.9 h sowing has been done in Askeran region, in
Hadrut region – 6500.0 h ploughing and 5425.0 h sowing, in Martakert
region – 4173.0 h ploughing and 3978.0 h sowing, in Martuni region –
9028.0 h ploughing and 8340.0 h sowing, in Shahumian region – 60.0
h ploughing and 35.0 h sowing, in Shushi region – 496.0 h ploughing
and 496.0 h sowing and in Kashatagh region – 5500.0 h ploughing and
5500.0 h sowing.

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