NATO Will Ask Tbilisi To Have Patience


08.01.2008 14:39 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Any vote on Georgia’s accession to NATO will not
be decisive. Besides, with speeding up the accession process, West
would have to make certain sacrifices.

Caucasus is an outpost of the fronts "open" for Russia. This is an
energy front, since Georgia is the main transit for oil delivery to the
Black Sea and then to western Europe. It’s an ethnic front with strong
Russian minorities. And, finally, it’s a military front because Russia
rates deployment of a NATO base nearby its border as inadmissible.

According to Le Temps, NATO’s restraint is conditioned by the
U.S. twofaced policy. The current administration, devoted to Ramsfeld’s
doctrine on deployment of military bases close to the seat of threat,
considers Georgia’s – Russia’s immediate neighbor – as a possible
stationing of U.S. troops.

However, the American diplomats do know that Moscow’s retaliation
will be shattering in two directions: Kosovo, where over 15 thousand
NATO military are deployed and the Iranian nuclear program.

"NATO is most likely to ask Tbilisi to have patience.

The Alliance will hardly dare to add "Caucasian spice" to the agenda
of the summit due in Bucharest in April.

Saakashvili can make use of his good relations with NATO to strengthen
his legitimacy. But there is a risk to see the President elect
remarkable for his rudeness towards Abkhazians and Ossetians and
as a leader in siege imposed by them their patron, Russia," the
newspaper says.

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