NKR: Happy tidings on the eve of New Year’s Day

Azat Artsakh Tert, Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Dec 28 2007

Happy tidings on the eve of New Year’s Day

by Laura Grigorian

By means allocated by the NKR GOvernment, the other day the
municipality of Stepanakert has acquired 3 rubbish gathering cars.
These are modern cars, which will work not by petrol, but by gas. By
assurance of vice-mayor Georgy Hayrian, before that, "Sanitary
cleaning and planting of greenery" has only one new car. In passing
year, of course, it’s a pleasant gift for the municipality, as
cleanness of our city depends just on this cars. The vice-mayor
informed, that coming year it’s foreseen to acquire also 3 new cars,
which will differ from the others: salt sower, water sower and etc.
Generally there are various programs. The one of the main directions
of municipality’s activity will be improvement of roads. Hayrian
considered very important the improvement of yards, construction of
playgrounds. At the end of the talk, Hayrian didn’t forget on behalf
of town authorities to send best wishes to population of the
capital,-"First of all I wish peace and unclouded sky all our
citizens. Also with the help of the newspaper I want to call
everybody to keep our town clean: cleanness depends much more upon

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