Arthur Baghdasarian offers fresh flowers

From: Sebouh Z Tashjian <[email protected]>
Subject: Arthur Baghdasarian offers fresh flowers


[04:39 pm] 26 December, 2007

The leader of the Orinats Yerkir Party (OYP) Arthur
Baghdasarian runs in the presidential elections with
the motto, `Nobody likes withered flowers.’

`New ideas, innovations and audacity are required to
lead the society and to take the path of new
developments. We have already taken the path and call
on our patriots to join us,’ Baghdasarian says. .

The OYP is participating at the presidential election
with a civil movement which is organized for the sake
of democracy, a politically and economically strong
and competitive state. The movement has already got 10
thousand supporters. `This movement will mark the
start of a new period. We suggest turning on the clock
of the new start from 2008, which will put an end to
cynicism and arbitrariness,’ the OYP leader says.

At the request of reporters he commented on the civil
movement. `The civil support groups include people
independent of their party affiliation and belongings
because these are not elections to parties. The
election to the president of Armenia refers to every
compatriot and each family. We consider civil activity
highly important at the presidential election,’ he

Today Arthur Baghdasarian voiced support for all
forces who are interested in free and fair elections.
`According to him, `the country needs a legitimate and
national President, who enjoys the love of the
people,’ Arthur Baghdasarian says.

The OYP will launch a chain of rallies from January
2008. `We start rallies from January. The timetable is
under consideration. Rallies are part of our arsenal,
as well as meetings, both in Yerevan and in regions,’
Arthur Baghdasarian says.

He noted that these rallies will not be partisan. `We
are not running in partisan elections. We shall hold
meetings and rallies with people throughout the
country. Our pre-election arsenal will include
rallies,’ he says.

The OYP leader welcomed all people who dare to attend
rallies. `The atmosphere of fear reigning in the
country already disperses though the authorities take
every effort to prevent people’s participation at the

The leader of the Orinats Yerkir Party says they will
address people through rallies to overcome the fear
they have. `Live like free people. Vote for the
candidate you want but vote because you want and not
because they pay or inflict pressure on you.’

By the way, the OYP leader thinks that money will not
have a crucial role at the upcoming presidential

In this connection the reporters reminded the OYP
leader that Levon Ter-Petrossian had made a similar
call. The former president stated that his supporters
had undergone pressure. Thus, why didn’t the OYP join
at least the call? `I am a presidential candidate. We
have a distinct number of supporters. This is an
election of persons not parties. I do not think if
Ter-Petrossian or Vahan Hovanissian say one thing,
others should join by all means.

Arthur Baghdasarian stated that if the elections are
tampered, the Orinats Yerkir Party will fight through
by all means. `We have sufficient human resources to
observe the elections in all the 2000 election
districts. We are ready to cooperate with anyone who
will struggle against machinations. In other words,
there are opposition candidates who wish to hold on to
their votes through healthy cooperation,’ Baghdasarian

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