Agriculture Min: The Year 2007 Was Favorable For Agriculture


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 28, NOYAN TAPAN. The year 2007 was a favorable one
for the Armenian agriculture: the growth of the gross agricultural
output made 9.6%, the RA minister of agriculture Davit Lokian stated at
the December 28 press conference. According to him, this growth is
mainly conditioned by an increase in production of grain, potato,
grapes, vegetables, gourds and melons, meat, poultry and fish. A lower
index as compared with 2006 (by 10.1%) was registered only in fruit
production due to sping frosts this year.

The minister said that 101 communities were provided with gas supply
networks this year under various programs on development of rural
communities. Gas supply networks will be installed in more than 100
settlements in 2008. The drinking and irrigation water supply was
improved in about 80 communities, as well as several intercommunity
roads were repaired.

According to D. Lokian, in 2007 high-quality seeds, which were imported
from Ukraine and Russia, were provided to almost all marzes with the
aim of increasing agricultural output. A complex program on development
of seed-farming has been worked out, according to which the government
will finance the private sector for purchase and production of
highest-quality seeds. This process has already begun in Sisian,
Etchmiadzin, Akhurian, Gegharkunik and Lori regions.

In the words of the minister, this year the Armenian government
implemented a pilot subsidizing program in the country: land users in
15 rural communities were allocated 35 thousand drams (about 110 USD)
per a hectare. This program will continue next year.

In accordance with the order submitted by the RA ministry of
agriculture to the government, starting from 2009, farms will not pay a
value added tax (VAT), if their turnover does not exceed 8 million
drams. So, according to D. Lokian, only 4 thousand out of 335 thousand
farms will pay VAT. He added that later it is envisaged to grant this
privilege to farms with a turnover of 15-20 million drams.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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