Armenia Fund Provides Martakert with Long-Awaited Water

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26 Deecmber, 2007

The Armenia Fund Provides Martakert with Long- Awaited Water
Martakert "in deep water"

Yerevan, December 26, 2007 – On December 21, The Armenia Fund executive
director Vahe Aghabegians and deputy director Ararat Khlghatyan attended the
opening ceremony of the Martakert water main, the key project of the Fund in
Karabakh for the last 18 months. Karabakh President Bako Sahakyan, Prime
Minister Ara Harutyunyan attended the ceremony.

"I feel proud witnessing today how excited the whole city of Martakert is in
seeing the water flow right into their city. With the availability of this
vitally important infrastructure, no doubt, life will change radically for
the better. Providing conditions for a decent life in a bordering location
is twice as important today," said Vahe Aghabegians. "This truly impressive
project is yet another demonstration of the huge potential of the Armenians
living in homeland and the Diaspora, the immense capacity, which results in
deliveries of much-needed infrastructure such as roads and highways, water
and gas lines," he added.

Martakert region suffered most terribly during the Karabakh conflict: the
quality of the spring water used by local households was way below the
standard required, and the streams used for irrigation water were left on
the other side of the border. Lack of water became a problem number one and
required a fundamental long-term solution.

"A regular supply of freshwater in the region was so essential," commented
Sergei Ohanyan, head of the Karabakh administration. "Now, when we at last
have what was so crucial to the whole region, we can think about the next
natural steps that will help push the country to greater changes and
The water pipeline will provide drinking water to more than 7000 people in
the region and adjacent villages. According to initial estimation, the
quantity of water is more than enough and can also be used for irrigation

The Martakert water main construction with the total cost of AMD1bln (US$
3,3M) was implemented with the funds raised at the Telethon 2005. The
construction of the 30km water main was implemented in two stages. The first
stage of the project resulted in the first 13 km of the main; shortly
afterwards, the construction of the last 17 km was completed.

The water main branches into pipelines in Mets Shen (2.3km), Maghavuz and
Varnkatagh communities (5.5km).It is fed from the river Trzi that is 5km
>From the Erek Mankuk Monastry Complex and is located on a sharp relief
landscape that ranges from 1141m to 541m elevation above the sea level. The
water main crosses the river Tartar at the lowest point where a 25m long
bridge has been built to hold the main, as well as serve the water main
maintenance staff. The steel pipes used to construct the main are
well-protected against corrosion. The air release and water discharge
chambers on the pipes will ensure the water main’s efficient work.

"The Martakert main construction was technically a complicated task to carry
out and the successful accomplishment of it by The Armenia Fund fills me
with pride today," says the Fund’s deputy director Ararat Khlghatyan.
"During the 18 months of the work we all, workers and engineers included,
appreciated the paramount importance of the task and never got discouraged
when faced with unexpected challenges."

In addition to the Martakert water main, The Armenia Fund has been in charge
of a few other water supply projects in Karabakh: a 9km pipeline is already
operating in the bordering Vaghuhas village, and a 5km pipeline along with a
7km internal network is underway in the Vank village.


The Armenia Fund

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