Won’t Aronian Have Problems In Baku?


[12:34 pm] 24 December, 2007

In 2008 Azerbaijan will likely host a Grand-Prix tournament featuring
the best chess players of the world.

Armenian GM Levon Aronian will leave for Baku in case Azerbaijan
gains a right to hold the tournament in the country.

Azad Rahimov, the Minister of Sport and Youth Issues of Azerbaijan,
says Aronian will hardly hamper the tournament with his participation.

"During the World Wrestling Championship held in Baku in September,
2007, the whole world witnessed how civilized the country was. Even
Armenians confessed that they had had no problems in Baku, and the
tournament was really held on a high level.

By the way Azeri chess player Teimur Rajabov once more refuted the
statement published in the Azeri press according to which he had
allegedly named "Armenia Azerbaijan’s implacable foe." The Azeri
chess player said the reporter had simply changed his words.

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