Rauf Rajabov "Baku And Khankendi Should Also Hold A Dialogue"


18 December 2007 [13:08]

The negotiation process must continue between Baku and Yerevan,
but Baku and Khankendi should also hold a dialogue.

The statement was made by the Azerbaijani military expert visiting
Yerevan Rauf Rajabov.

"The Garabagh Armenians are already within the Armenian delegation
on the conflict settlement, though. The two nations must maintain a
non-stop dialogue, as it is them, who will live in Garabagh beyond
political contexts. The earlier they initiate the dialogue, the
better. Unfortunately, such a dialogue do not exist at the moment.

The two nations do not hold a dialogue on the level of Garabagh. There
is a dialogue between official Baku and Yerevan, not between the
peoples-the Azerbaijanis and Armenians of Garabagh", he announced.

He considers that the unification of the Armenian elite of Garabagh
is a problem.On the contrary, Azerbaijanis from Garabagh are living

Answering the question of an Armenian reporter about the admissibility
of the policy of Azerbaijani government regarding those, whom they
call their citizens and disrespect of official Baku, who is stubborn
in calling Stepanakert Khankendi, Rauf Rajabov said one should not
go into place-name study, archeology and historical science:

"It would be better for us to search without focusing on any name". He
stressed the necessity to concentrate on the interests of citizens:
"Would it matter if I call someone Mister, fellow or aga?. We should
think of a separate person. The value of the person should prevail
over other vallues.

Political values will never lead to a decision", R.Rajabov noted.

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