Armenian-Turkish Relations Discussed In Parliamentary Hearings


19.12.2007 17:50

YEREVAN (YERKIR) – The parliamentary hearings on the Armenian-Turkish
relations are aimed at discussing the current crisis in the relations
and the parliament’s possibilities to normalize the relations,
National Assembly’s Foreign Relations Committee chairman Armen
Rustamian has said.

Foreign ambassadors, Armenian politicians as well as EU special
representative Peter Semneby were participating in the hearings. "This
issue was long due. The significance of the Armenian-Turkish relations
can’t be overestimated, and there has been no issue that has had
such significance in the history of our nation, for its past and the
present and the future. It has to do with our most vital issues. It is
clear that our parliament had to engage in such process and clarify its
goals. I am expecting comprehensive, deep and interested discussions,"
Rustamian said.

National Assembly speaker Tigran Torosian presented the Republican
Party of Armenia views, said that he regretted that Turks are not
present to participate in the discussions. He voiced his concern that
their stance would not contribute to dialogue. He said Armenia is for
Turkey’s admission in the EU because having a predictable neighbor
is important for Armenia.

Armenia Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian deplored Turkey’s position
to put forward preconditions for establishing relations.

ARF Bureau member Vahan Hovhannisian said that the Armenian-Turkish
relations have entered a dead end. "There has never been cooperation
between a dictatorship and a democracy. We are not saying Armenia is a
classic democracy but Turkey is a classical example of a totalitarian
and dictatorship regime," he said. He added that as long as Taleat
Pasha, Enver and Jamal are seen as national heroes in Turkey,
"nothing will work."

Hovhannisian said that reforms in Turkey are going in a distorted
way and that country’s admission in the EU will be the EU’s defeat
because it will mean that not Turkey is adopting European values but
Europe is to adopt completely alien values.

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