Zharangutiun Proposes Candidates Of RA President To Answer List Of 2


Noyan Tapan
Dec 18 2007

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 18, NOYAN TAPAN. The administration of the
Zharangutiun (Heritage) party has addressed all the candidates running
for the post of the President of the Republic of Armenia on December
18 proposing to answer a list of questions consisting of about 20
questions. According to the message of the administration, not only
Zharangutiun (Heritage) and its supporters, but also the widest strata
of society are troubled with the provisions included in the list of
questions. We aim at giving the electorate a certain notion on the
complex positions, the decency and moral image of the future leader
of the country, as well as at finally clarifying the approaches
of the party," Raffi Hovhannisian, the Leader of the Zharangutiun
(Heritage), said.

It should be mentioned that the "List of questions of public awareness"
presented by Zharangutiun (Heritage) is composed of 22 questions. The
candidates, in particular, are offered to make society aware of why
they want to become president and in case of being elected president
which will be their first five steps, which are the main foreign and
internal challenges set before the Armenian people and Armenia, which
is the fair regulation and the settlement way of the Artsakh problem,
and which are the priorities of the development of the economy of
Armenia, to name but a few.

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