Economic Cooperation Is The Principle Topic

Harutyun Gevorgyan

Hayots Ashkharh
Dec 14 2007

Armenia has officially established diplomatic relations with United
Arabic Emirates since 1998. Next year, by the initiative of UAE
authorities, the two countries will celebrate the 10 years’ anniversary
of the kind and friendly relations between the two countries.

Robert Kocharyan underscored this in all his meetings in UAE.

President Sheikh Khalifa ben Zaid al Nahayaniny and the vice-President,
the country’s Prime Minister, Governor of Dubai Sheikh Muhammad ben
Rashid al Maktum particularly emphasized that the President of friendly
Armenia Robert Kocharyan is a desirable guest in Arabic Emirates.

They also remembered the first visit of Armenian President, five years
back and ensured that the progress of RA-UAE relations having been
recorded several years back will be continuous, involving large scale
investment programs of the development of economy, trade, tourism,
agriculture and other spheres of vital activity.

Like in all his visits abroad, this time also Robert Kocharyan met
the representatives of the local Armenian community.

In his speech Robert Kocharyan first of all underscored that the
efforts to strengthen inter-state relations and the cooperation
with states situated near the Gulf and particularly UAE will be
continuous. Reminding that more than five years have passed after his
first visit to UAE our President underscored: "There is an essential
progress. The volume of the trade-circulation and mutual investments
has grown. The main topic of all the meetings was the promotion of
the development of cooperation in economic sphere. The interest of
UAE authorities towards Armenia was also obvious. Mutual variants
are elaborated for mutually beneficial cooperation."

Speaking about Armenia’s recent achievements Robert Kocharyan touched
upon the results of the economic reforms. He expressed belief that the
economic progress is going to be continuous. " We are well-conscious
that we don’t have gas, oil and our main potential is our effective
governing, as well as the profundity and effectiveness of reforms. It
is due to this process that during the recent years we have recorded
a two digit economic growth.

The progress is also provided due to our cooperation with authoritative
international organizations. Armenian state budget also grows
continuously, which provides an opportunity for us to give more
attention to social issues. The country already has the potential
to make large-scale investments and year by year the fund of risky
programs will grow."

The President also mentioned that serious achievements have also been
recorded in the democratic processes. "For the first time all the
international organizations recorded that May Parliamentary elections
in Armenia were in compliance with international standards.

The next challenge is the forthcoming Presidential election and
we anticipate similar evaluation for these elections as well. But
democratization is not only limited to elections.

It is a test that we must pass. The last stage of the judicial
legislative reforms is in store. This New Year we will have a
completely renovated judicial system. We are well conscious that
structural and legislative reforms can be effective only in case the
mentality of the judges change. It is a serious and really tough job.

The legislation in the sphere of the protection of human rights
has also changed essentially. The competencies of the local
self-governmental bodies have extended. Next year we will pass the
law on Yerevan. As a result the policy of the decentralization of
the authorities will be finalized.

Robert Kocharyan also underscored that though the situation is heating
up before the elections, it is still within permissible limits. "
Time will show which of the nominated candidates will be registered
and run for the elections. I believe all the developments will take
place within the framework of the law. The Electoral Code is amended,
in consideration of all the proposals made by the international
specialists. No one can say that the elections were flawed because of
the imperfectness of the law. Each of us must manifest political will".

President Robert Kocharyan also represented the development of the
negotiations on the regulation of Karabakh issue. "I can definitely
say, as an ex-President of NKR, no matter how the oil-prices rise
Azerbaijan will never have the advantage over Armenia, they used to
have in 90-ies. If we provide Armenia’s economic progress in future
we will hardly have any problems.

But we must try to find the solution of the conflict by means of
negotiations. Had the proposals for the regulation been made 10 years
back we would have definitely agreed. But today we expect more, taking
into consideration the internal political stability in Armenia, the
country’s economic progress, authority, and NKR de facto existence
that is an undeniable fact.

Time works for the benefit of those who manage to make the "de facto"
state irrefutable for everyone. The statehood is becoming accomplished
in Karabakh. It is undeniable. It is not only money that makes the
army efficient. By its state and economic effectiveness Armenia is
evidently higher than our neighbors."

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