Azeri, Armenian presidential elections will impact Karabakh

Russia & CIS Presidential Bulletin
December 7, 2007


Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov has said he thinks that the
upcoming Azeri and Armenian presidential elections slated for 2008
will impact the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement talks.

Of course, influence is always exerted on talks in election years,
because the elections make the settlement atmosphere even more
delicate, Mamedyarov told Interfax.

Nevertheless, the minister underscored the need for Azerbaijan to
continue to explain the unacceptability of aggressive policy to the
Armenia side.

In any case, we should move on with everyday explanations to Armenia
that attempts made by one state to seize the territory of another
state given such sad situations as ethic cleansing, are not only
unacceptable, but also doomed, the Azeri foreign minister said.

Mamedyarov also said that he believes that Azeri-NATO cooperation has
been developing successfully.

"I can say that our relations with NATO are developing quite
successfully under the individual partnership program. We have
already entered the second phase in this area," Mamedyarov said in an
interview with Interfax.

Asked whether Azerbaijan aims to join NATO, the minister said, "Baku
is building its relations with the North Atlantic alliance in the
context of reforms."

"Which means, our cooperation with NATO is important in the context
of reforming Azerbaijan’s defense system. This is consistent with our
national interests. And the level where our relations with NATO are
today is consistent with both parties’ interests, as we are being
reassured in Brussels," the minister said.

Mamedyarov also said that results of the upcoming snap presidential
elections in Georgia will not endanger the implementation of joint
energy projects.

I do not think so. On the contrary, I think that the level of
strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Georgia has been rather
high, the minister said commenting on whether the upcoming Georgian
elections could challenge the further implementation of these

In this case, we strongly wish that there is more stability and peace
in Georgia, and we hope the citizens of the country will live in a
predictable and stable situation, Mamedyarov said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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