Commission Launched Battle Against Monopoly


06-12-2007 11:36:42

The Public Services and Economic Competition Regulatory Commission
has started work. The chair of the Commission Vache Adamyan says the
main goal of the commission is control and coordination of spheres
of life which directly relate to people, and to balance the rights
of producers and consumers.

"We make efforts to create equally favorable conditions for both
producers and consumers. We have affirmed regulations on providing
and using gas, power, electronic communication, radio frequencies,
as well as licensing production and transmission of TV programs. The
documents will be published soon," says the chair of the commission.

"Unfortunately, anarchy is gradually overwhelming the market. Not
government but competition should rule the market. It makes producers
and suppliers depend on the demand of consumers. Without competition
monopolies occur. One way or another it affects prices. Consumers
suffer, monopolies draw immense profit. Therefore, we have affirmed
regulations according to which artificial boosting and reduction
of price by 5 percent from the level of profit will be punished. It
concerns both producers and suppliers," Vache Adamyan said.

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