Armenian Prime Minister: We Should Gain 10 Bln AMD GDP To Fulfil 200


2007-12-05 19:42:00

ArmInfo. "The state budget is a document, which determines the
government’s policy in various spheres", Armenian Prime Minister
Serzh Sargsyan said at a briefing in parliament.

Asked whether the 2008 budget can be called a social one, S.Sargsyan
replied that the expenditures and revenues of the budget have
considerably increased, and this gives everyone an opportunity to
call the basic economical document their own way. "I called the
2008 budget pretentious", he said. "We should implement two tasks:
to decrease the level of the shadow economy and increase the volume
of GDP. In order to fulfil the 2008 budget, we should gain 10 bln
AMD GDP", the prime minister added.

To recall, Armenian President Robert Kocharian ratified the RA law
"On 2008 state budget of Armenia", which was earlier adopted by the
Armenian National Assembly. The revenues of the country’s state
budget makes up 746 bln AMD, the expenditures – 822 bln AMD, the
budgetary deficit – 76 bln AMD. Revenues and expenditures of the local
authorities’ budgets will make up 47,3 bln AMD, USD estimated rate
against AMD will make up 325 AMD/1USD, GDP growth – 10%, inflation –
4% +/- 1,5%.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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