The Isparta Crime: Undeclared War against Turkey

American Chronicle, CA
Dec 5 2007

The Isparta Crime: Undeclared War against Turkey

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
December 5, 2007

Before approximately seven (7) months, we published an article
predicting severe deterioration of the Turkish – European relations
in the advent of an electoral victory of Erdogan, the coarse and
ignorant Turkish premier with the Islamist agenda and the simulation
tactics. Under the striking title `European Manichaeism, the End of
Turkey, and the Subversion of Europe’
( anichaeism-end-turkey-subversion-europe.html)
that article sounded odd at those days (28 April) when the
Freemasonic mass media establishment of Europe was so passionately
active in supporting the uneducated and uncultured Islamist Erdogan
against the politically closer to Europe forces of the Center Left
secular Turkish opposition.

All have a general idea of the developments that took place ever
since; Gulf capital distributed with no restrain throughout Anatolia
gained voters for the Turkish Islamist simulators, who thought they
would thus cheat the West, while rising to power in Ankara. The fact
that Abdullah Gul, the person designated to become President of
Turkey, was a `brother’ to many in a supposedly distinguished
Freemasonic Lodge of Albion was thought to be a `guarantee’ for the
gullible Westerners.

As the few fake Freemasons around Erdogan could not possibly cheat
anyone, the deeply anti-Turkish forces that have been ruling from
behind the scenes in America, England and France could not offer
eulogies for too long. As a matter of fact, they are not annoyed by
Erdogan’s better relations with Middle Eastern countries,
rapprochement with Iran, interference in Northern Iraq, coalition
with Caucasus and Central Asiatic Turkic speaking countries,
insistence to adhere to the EU, and/or Turkey’s progressive alliance
with Russia. Certainly all this is comical as political effort, as
not a single country in the world can possibly be the ally of the
existing enemies and adversaries, even though this is artificially
overshadowed by pirouettes like the Peace University project, and the
like. And certainly the Anti-Turkish Freemasonic bloc that controls
the West’s most influential governments was not disturbed by the
Islamization process of Turkey that – perceived correctly by them –
is meant to weaken Turkey’s international position and status (which
corresponds perfectly to their targets).

The Anti-Turkish elites of the West have always been distraught
because of the great potentialities that Turkey has always had in a
historical perspective of almost two millennia. Perceiving the
reformed survival and transcended heir of the Ottoman Empire as a
historical prolongation of both the Islamic Caliphate and the Eastern
Roman Empire, these elites are fully aware of the fact that their
conspiracies against many peoples of the East can be met with a
lethal blow by Turkey – alone or in alliance with others.

Their policies would be better implemented – to the detriment of a
great number of peoples between Eastern Mediterranean and China – if
Turkey were to be ruled by idiotic leaders, eventually similar to the
so-called `Arab’ cannibals, who would focus exclusively on the
(disastrous for Turkey) perspective of adhesion to the EU, while
`liberalizing’ and `Islamizing’ the Turkish state and society.

Gul – Erdogan: turned to instruments of the Military establishment

More recently, the Anti-Turkish elites of the West have always been
terribly troubled because of the political reality and the real
nature of the events that took place there. In fact, Erdogan would be
dead, and Gul would enjoy his free time in a jail today, if the
survival instinct was not very strong in these two persons. It would
be very easy for the army either not to have allowed the elections to
take place or to have closed the parliament before Gul’s election to

If the army did not intervene in Turkey, it is because the army is
currently in control, guaranteeing the respect to Kemal Ataturk’s
principles and concept. Actually, instead of interfering in the
political life, and triggering a flood of well-prepared and perfectly
hypocritical reactions from various Western governments, the army
simply presented the existing options to the Islamist leaders,
finally instrumentalizing them.

Correctly assessing the present threats against Turkey, namely Iran,
Israel/US attack on Iran, Western inspiration Islamic extremism
promoted among besotted Arabic speaking populations, the rise of
totalitarianism in Russia, and above all, the anti-Turkish hysteria
of the Freemasonic Western elites, the Turkish military shaped an
ambitious political – military plan – answer to these threats.

The plan was accepted by Gul and Erdogan, and their acceptance
ensured their longer stay in power – to the profit of Turkey, not the
apostate Freemasonic lodge of the doomsday. According to the plan,
Turkey will soon become a nuclear power.

Nuclear Turkey

A Nuclear Turkey will bring about the end of all Freemasonic schemes
against the peoples of the Orient that have been performed due to the
unawareness of the Western peoples, first victims of the Western
Freemasonic elites of Apostasy. That is why the effort to avert
Turkey’s nuclearization will be carried out as a real war between
Turkey and the West, first covered, and second biased. The most
vehement and virulent reaction will not come from the Neo-cons in
America, but the Oil cartel that is engaged in an all-out war against
the Neo-cons and any other group of power or country that may / might
cause possible damages to their plans.

As far as the former is concerned, all possible crimes and terrorist
acts are to be expected; US, UK, Israeli and French secret services
keep a close eye on developments in Turkey, and they will be used by
the manipulators behind the scenes in all possible ways. It will be
within Turkey’s interests not to uncover officially all these acts,
nor to release related intelligence, as this would cause a
confrontation across the board.

With respect to the latter, every successful step Turkey makes in the
Nuclear autonomy and self-determination path will be met with
unreasonably closed chapters in the negotiations related to Turkey’s
adhesion to the RU, with discussions about the Armenian, the Pontiac,
and other inexistent genocides, with US arms to the PKK terrorists,
and with further prejudicial treatment of the Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyprus.

Apparently, there is no reason for which France should be allowed to
have nuclear weapons, and Turkey not. Turkey has full right to
nuclear energy and arms; one should not see Turkey’s effort to become
a nuclear power as part of rivalry with Iran.

On the contrary, Turkey as premier nuclear power in the Middle East,
will have two positive effects:

a. First, it will offer the guarantee of a permanent settlement
between Israel and the Palestinians. If peace is a choice, the two
top warrantors have to be in a position of balanced power.

b. Second, it will minimize Saudi Arabia’s and the Gulf countries’
importance as energy resources. Combined with the exploitation of
Central Asiatic resources, transported mainly through Turkey, and
with Iran’s nuclearization, Nuclear Turkey will cause a dramatic
change in the history of Freemasonic grip of the Oil resources of the
peninsula and the Persian Gulf.

All this is far from political futurism; as the precipitation of
Middle Eastern and Asiatic developments seems to have sped up, the
first grave incident in the undeclared war between the West’s
Freemasonry-controlled governments and Turkey occurred a few days

Atlasjet plane crash at Isparta – Act 1 of the War against Turkey

The Atlasjet MD-83 plane that flied from Istanbul late in the night
of Thursday, 29 November, and crashed early on Friday morning near
the Turkish city of Isparta in SW Anatolia did not emit an emergency
signal before it came down, according to details made available by
the State Airports Management General Directorate (DHMÝ) late Friday

According to reports published in Turkish news agencies and
officials at the DHMÝ said the radar station based in Ankara
facilitated communication between the private airline aircraft, which
was on its way to Isparta from Ýstanbul, and the Isparta control
tower for the pilots to get the tower’s flight instructions at 11:23
p.m., shortly before the plane took off from Ýstanbul. The plane
disappeared from radar surveillance at 1:45 a.m.

Officials at Isparta’s Süleyman Demirel Airport tower said
communication was cut off when the tower was instructing the pilots
to `keep approaching.’ However, no emergency signal was sent prior to
the communication cutoff.

Emergency signals help radar stations, which in this case would have
picked up signals not only in Isparta but also in Ankara and Antalya,
locate the site of a plane crash much more quickly and easily than
would normally be possible. The officials said other pilots
transiting in the same zone at the time of the craft’s disappearance
were questioned, however none were able to offer any information.

Officials first calculated that the plane might have crashed into
Burdur Lake. The wreckage was located only after military radar
detected its whereabouts. According to DHMÝ officials, no explosion
occurred after the crash because the plane’s fuel tank was not
completely filled as the flight was only short distance.

Tuncay Doðaner, chief executive of Atlasjet, said that `there are no
survivors among the passengers or crew’.

Reason for crash: ‘unclear’

The Deputy President of the Turkish Airline Pilots Association
(TALPA), Altay Yildirim, stated that the reason for the crash remains
unclear. Further on, he noted that the Atlasjet plane had been in
contact with the Isparta control tower and that weather conditions
had been normal during its landing. Mr. Yildirim, who had been
classmates with the co-pilot of the crashed plane, Tahir Aksoy,
specified that `the crash of this airplane involves many unknown
factors. I realize that it is difficult for people to hear that these
things are unknown. I mean, everything was normal, the weather was
good. The pilot said he had seen the runway and was coming in. Thus,
it is just not clear how this plane could have crashed’.

In addition, Mr. Yildirim said: `sometimes when a plane is landing,
there can be turbulence. It could be that after such turbulence there
was a loss of elevation. Aside from such a possibility, I cannot
imagine what else could account for this crash. However, it is not
right for me to comment on something that is not yet known. After we
find and listen to the black box from the airplane, it will be clear.
And this process will of course call for experts’.

Remarkably illuminating stories

The Atlasjet MD-83 plane was carrying 50 passengers and seven crew
members, when it crashed on approach to Isparta on Friday.
Passengers’ relatives were waiting in the airport despite the late
night hours, as it usually happens allover the world. They provided
the Turkish press with valuable information about what they had been
testimonies to. Meral Uysal, the mother of 26-year-old Sibel Uysal,
who died in the crash, said she saw the aircraft pass near the
Isparta airport

Uysal said that the plane passed the airport around 1:30 a.m. but
headed in the direction of Keçiborlu and never returned, while she
was waiting to meet her daughter at the airport. Uysal and her
husband waited for their daughter at the airport the whole night.

Turkey’s `coolest’ airline

The crash of the plane operated by low-fare carrier Atlasjet showed
the irony of fate as it occurred shortly after that company had been
branded Turkey’s `coolest’ airline in a survey conducted by
CoolBrands, an initiative by Superbrands, an independent arbiter and
collector of public opinion that identifies the world’s coolest
brands in 59 countries.

Quite interestingly, the crash came just a few hours after Atlasjet
appeared in national newspapers with full-page advertisements reading
`British experts say Atlasjet is Turkey’s coolest airline’. The
advertisement ran in newspapers on Friday, the very same day a
McDonnell Douglas 83 jet, operated by Atlasjet and flying from
Ýstanbul to Isparta in southwest Turkey, crashed.

6 Turkish Academics and Nuclear Scientists: Dead

Six Turkish academics – all nuclear scientists – were among those who
lost their lives in the Isparta crash of the Atlasjet plane last
Friday. More particularly, three academics from Boðaziçi University,
Professor Engin Arýk, Research Assistant Özgen Berkol Doðan, and
graduate student Engin Abat, and three academics from Doðuþ
University, Professor Dr. Þenel Fatma Boydað, Associate Professor
Ýskender Ýsmet, and Research Assistant Mustafa Fidan, were on board
the plane to participate in a workshop scheduled to be held at
Süleyman Demirel University in Isparta.

Following the terrible plane crash, it was officially announced from
Süleyman Demirel University that the workshop had been cancelled.
Ankara University’s Prof. Dr. Ömer Yavaþ stated that the six
academics were on their way to participate in the fourth workshop of
the `Technical Design of Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) and
Building Test Facilities’, a project sponsored by the State Planning
Organization (DPT) to explore the formation of the universe.

Prof. Yavaþ also said: `We are very saddened to hear about the plane
crash in which six academics lost their lives. They were on their way
to take part in a workshop at Süleyman Demirel University in Isparta.
We organized this workshop almost one-and-a-half years ago to present
research conducted within universities regarding the project in

Prof. Yavaþ also noted that 25 academics and 75 researchers coming
from Ankara, Gazi, Boðaziçi, Ýstanbul, Uludað, Erciyes, Niðde,
Dumlupýnar and Süleyman Demirel universities conducted research for
the project, which aims to explore the formation of the universe and
develop new technology in fields of biotechnology and medicine. He
went on saying that `the project was launched last year and is
scheduled to be completed by 2010′.

Boðaziçi University’s Professor Engin Arýk, one of the six academics,
had worked as a fellow at Boðaziçi University since 1985 and was part
of the team conducting research for the `Atlas Experiment,’ (A
Toroidal LHC Apparatus) — one of six particle detector experiments
currently being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in

Turkish mass media and governmental down playing

After years of sheer anti-Turkish hysteria from various capitals,
lobbying powers, and statesmen, it would not be very difficult for
many journalists in Turkey to identify the plausible reasons of the
mysterious `accident’. The fact that 6 (six) Turkish nuclear
scientists were passengers of the fatal plane was not a coincidence;
it was anticipated that they would participate in the finally
cancelled Isparta workshop. Of course, nothing great would happen
there, and the communications of the assassinated scholars would not
unseal otherwise revealed secrets. The plausibility of a sabotage
carried out by the Secret Services of an ally of Turkey hinges on the
need for an alarming warning sent by those who would advise Turkey
against the nuclear energy path because this simply suits their
illegitimate and disreputable interests.

What turns the plausibility of a sabotage into a certitude is the
reaction of the Turkish government and officials, and the comments of
the pro-governmental media. We find many comments like the following:
`The fact that one of Turkey’s most prominent nuclear physicists was
a passenger on the plane, which had no known technical problems, as
announced in the immediate aftermath of the accident, was apparently
perfect material for some sordid journalism — many of Turkey’s
newspapers and columnists speculated that the crash was no accident,
but sabotage by a foreign secret service to block what would have
been Turkey’s unstoppable climb once it became the most advanced
nation in terms of nuclear energy. However there was no physical
evidence suggestive of sabotage, and dozens of statements from
officials stressed that it would be impossible to draw any
conclusions before the craft’s data recorders were inspected’.

( oad=detay&link=128517)

Quite interestingly, and prior to any study of evidence collected in
the black box, last Sunday, Ali Arýduru, the head of the Turkish
Civil Aviation Authority, said there were no indications of terrorism
or sabotage! Really? Why bother then for the black box, if Mr.
Arýduru knows everything in advance!

While a US team of investigators from aircraft manufacturer McDonnell
Douglas joined Turkish experts hunting for clues, academics with
links to the government joined the aviation officials and the
pro-governmental media in the ill-fated effort to deflect the Turkish
public opinion from the real causes of this act of war.

In a commentary published in daily Zaman, energy physics expert
Serkan Gölge pretended the following: `The Turkish public opinion
once again — and perhaps knowingly — is interested in conspiracy
theories rather than the real causes of the accident. Since every
pain that is lived is associated with a conspiracy theory,
effectively distracting the public from the real causes, light is
never shed upon accidents and the same mistakes are made over and
over again since none of those responsible are ever found out’.

Trying to convince through the ages-old trickery of over-magnifying
an opponent’s statement or concept in order to make it look highly
unlikely and definitely incredible, Gölge suggested that, based on
Turkish media’s interpretations of the event, `one would think that
our scientists had made an invention that will turn Turkey into a
world superpower in a few days and were thus killed by foreign powers
for what they did’.

In fact, no one suggests this. Turkey’s rise to nuclear power status
will be a matter of few years, not days. Even so, Turkey will not be
a superpower, but it will certainly be far stronger than what its
declared and undeclared enemies would like. As a matter of fact,
Turkey will have to advance more attentively; different flights will
be imposed on nuclear scientists participating in the same congress
or workshop. After some time, the investigators will announce a well
invented false reason for the plane crash, and the story will look as

At a later stage, when Turkey will advance in the nuclear path, the
Freemasonic elites of US, UK, and France will shamefully and
scandalously demonize Turkey as possible threat against the Mankind.
However, by then the world will have forgotten the true reasons of
the Isparta crime against Turkey – a crime that clearly demonstrates
how inhuman, biased and dangerous the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge has
always been.

Orientalist, Historian, Political Scientist, Dr. Megalommatis, 50, is
the author of 12 books, dozens of scholarly articles, hundreds of
encyclopedia entries, and thousands of articles.

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