Kocharyan Will Not Rejoice


[08:33 pm] 04 December, 2007

Today Robert Kocharyan announced that it would be advantageous for them
if Aram Karapetyan got the certificate on the permanent residence in
the RA during the last 10 years and participated in the presidential

"It would be very advantageous for us if the mentioned political
actor registered and participated in the presidential elections. The
parliamentary elections proved that he did not have a high ranking
and the revolutionary fervour was not encouraged by the nation. In
particular, during each election a candidate should be to amuse the
electorate, but the elections should be regarded from the following
2 points of view – the first one from the political point of view. In
this regard it would be advantageous for us if he participated in the
elections, since opposition votes would vanish. Maybe I do not use the
right word, but it would really be advantageous for us. By the way,
in 2003 the decision of the Court regarding the residence of this
political actor in Armenia was not appealed against and 4 years have
passed since then. He could appeal against this decision, could take
certain measures to correct the situation. I do not know what the Court
will decide, but whatever it decides, we will respect the decision.

Hounestly, I would like this candidate to participate in the elections
– that would rejoice us", declared Robert Kocharyan.

We should remind, that the Court did not give Robert Kocharyan the
opportunity to rejoice, dismissing Aram Karapetyan’s action against
the Police Department of Passports and Visa.

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