Karapetyan: Allegations of PKK bases in Armenia, NK groundless

Regnum, Russia
Dec 5 2007

Vladimir Karapetyan: Allegations of PKK bases in Armenia and NK
groundless provocation

Armenian foreign ministry spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan has responded
to a question by REGNUM regarding alleged PKK bases installation in
Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh, and territories controlled by NK.

REGNUM: How would you comment on the reports in Azerbaijani and
Turkish media on the intention of the PKK to install its bases in
Armenia and NK and the territories controlled by Nagrono Karabagh?

V. Karapetyan: `We have commented on these rumors earlier, but I want
to stress one more time, that those reports have no relation to the
reality and are absurd. It is obvious where this fabricated
information is coming from.’

`Those baseless allegations are but another attempt of provocation,’
Mr. Karapetian emphasized.